Aputure AL-F7 Video LED ​


256 Bi-Colour LEDs

With a 45° Beam Angle lighting you perfectly

Ultra-Wide Colour Temperature Range

Whether you want a warm glow, daylight or cool white. 32000K – 95000K has you covered

Accurate Stepless Brightness Controls

An advanced output readout now allows you to fine-tune​ ​​to 1% (8 lux @ 0.5m, 32000K). For when precision lighting matters​

100,000 hour Lifetime

Why did you want to buy bulbs again?


+95 CRI Rating

One of the most accurate on-camera LEDs available. Making sure you show up for real

Lightweight and Portable

At only 260g you’ll wonder why you bothered carrying any other light

LCD Interface & Memory

Easily see temperature, brightness and battery life in one easy place

Universal Charging

Can be easily charged via; USB Type-C, D-Tap, Sony NP-F series battery, Power bank or V-Mount

Set-up in under 45 seconds

This is point and shoot ready, forget wasting your time on fiddly set-ups


Product Description

There’s nothing worse than a poorly lit, underexposed scene. Like the RØDE VideoMic Pro the Aputure Amaran AL-F7 is a premium, technical product placed directly in your hands. As a result the technical details can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.

Put simply the AL-F7 is a powerful device which offers professional level flexibility and versatility. The LED lights offer an incredible level of brightness where needed but also adjust seamlessly to beautiful, subtle ambience where needed as well as every space in between.

The colour temperature is equally as flexible and readily adjustable allowing you to pick the perfect shade of lighting to compliment the mood and intention of the scene as well as your skin tone and that of your fellow Aktors.

Contrary to what you might assume if you haven’t thought about it, not all light is white light! As such the colour can vary with different shades and hues of yellow, gold and blue to mimic the light throughout the day, indoor or outdoor settings, candle light, fireplaces, fluorescent office lighting etc. Whatever your scene requires.

The best part is the LED lights operate super-bright yet super cool so you won’t get hot or risk burning yourself. They also last an astoundingly long 100,000 hours which means you could run it 12-hours a day and not lose even a single bulb in 22 years.

Rather than having to buy a million batteries for the job we’ve thought of that too and have included a variety of options to both power and charge your lighting so you’ll never go dead in the middle of a shoot!

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Now on to the technical bits!

Never again will the perfect take be lost to shadow, poor lighting or underexposure. 256 ultra-compact LEDs offer bright, cool, reliable 12-hour operation per single charge.

When it comes to the best of Portability, Universality and Power – The Aputure Amaran AL-F7 On-Camera LED Light is an LED second to none. This on-camera LED light boasts a massive +95 colour-rendering index – the variable colour illumination enables for a high colour accuracy.

The panel has a variable colour temperature output from 3200K to 9500K. It has a 45° beam angle and produces a brightness of ≥14,000 lux at 0.3m when set to 5500K.
With the AL-F7, you can light any scene whether you’re indoor and outdoors. This ultra precise unit gives you more power and control over brightness and colour temperatures than many other competitors on the market.

Product Features in Detail

Accurate stepless brightness controls
The F7 offers an advanced output that includes stepless controls all the way to 1% (8 lux at 0.5m, 3200K). It allows for extreme fine-tuning of your light for shooting in locations that require precise lighting scenarios.

Brightness comes in a small package
The F7 boasts of 256 LED lights with a high +95 CRI into one compact panel. It offers a strong output of up to 14000 lux at 0.3m that you can use for up to 100,000 hours.

Ultra-wide colour temperature range
The super wide range of the Amaran AL-F7 with a colour temperature of 3200K~9500K affords you more choices under a wider range of shooting conditions. Its expanded bi-colour option means that the light’s absolute maximum mimics an almost perfect render of daylight conditions.

Multiple Charging Methods
The good thing about having the Amaran AL-F7 handy is that you can charge it in several different ways via a D-Tap, USB Type-C or a Sony NP-F series battery. You can use a power bank, V-Mount battery or classic Sony NP-F battery. Just in case you’re on location, you’re assured that you’ll have enough energy to power through.

Lightweight and Portable
This super-packed on-camera LED light only weighs 260g. There is a ¼ screw thread built-in on each of the three sides of the light. Making it overall a very versatile light that you can use in different settings.

If there still isn’t enough info, keep an eye out on our socials and blog or feel free to go and check out some Youtube reviews and see it live in action.

COLOUR RENDERING – High Colour Rendering

CRI (Colour Rendering Index) +95
TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) +95
CQS (Colour Quality Scale) +95


ILLUMINATION – 1% Brightness(@0.5m

3200K 8lux
5600K 18lux
9500K 8lux


100% Brightness(5500K)

0.3m ≥14000lux
0.5m ≥5500lux
1m ≥1500lux
2m ≥400lux
3m ≥180lux



LED Beads 256 high-CRI LED Beads
Beam Angle 45°
Colour Temperature 3200K – 9500K
Power Consumption 15W (Max)
Compatible Battery Sony NP-F Series Battery
Battery Life ≥12H(with Sony NP-F970 )
Power Supply Via USB Type-C 5V / 2A
Port Type-C port (For Power Supply Only) D-tap port
LED Life 100,000 Hours
Dimension 15.8 x 8.7 x 3.4 cm
Weight 260g


1 x Aputure Amaran AL-F7 On-Camera Variable Colour LED Light

1 x Ball Joint Cold-Shoe Adapter

1 x USB C Charging Cable

2 x Diffusion Filters

1 x Rugged Protection Case

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x 3/8″-16 to 1/4″ – 20 Reducing Bushing


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*The RØDE VideoMic Pro comes with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY with RØDE Microphones (Australia)


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