Premium Compact Softbox Kit


Energy Saving Bulb

135W Bright white 55000K Daylight Bulb

Compact Light Stand

Load Capacity Carry Length Extended Length Weight
3Kg 49cm ​210cm 1kg

+85 CRI Rating

Higher than most other softbox lights on the market


Detachable Boom Arm

Quickly and easily detach and transform your stand into a mobile Boom pole, attaching a mic or LED light to use on different projects.

CE Certified

Unlike other online retailers, we keep to high international standards to keep you safe.

Metallic Reflectant

Metallic inner lining to reflect more light out towards you – increasing overall efficiency


Product Description

The World’s First Carry-on Energy saving SoftBox Lighting Kit offering you soft continuous lighting, keeping your shot evenly lit.

The AktorsKit SoftBox Lighting Kit is the perfect lighting package for those wanting a soft even light and have the luxury of shooting their tapes mostly from home and/or have good access to a power point.

Unlike most flimsy Soft boxes sold by 3rd party websites, our high-quality nylon kits are internally reinforced and designed to outlast the others. Built with more metal and less plastic we set out to construct a kit that could undergo more stress and allow you to think about your tape and not about whether your lighting kit bought from ebay user; ‘Ladiesman217’ is actually going to work or not…

Opening up to 50cm x 70cm our Soft Box features a collapsible pop-out design for easy storage and transportation fitting neatly into your Eco Pack. The inside wall is lined with a ribbed metallic lining to internally reflect all light then softly splayed by our white nylon diffuser for beautiful, complete coverage. Each SoftBox has a rust-proof ceramic base housing, designed to protect your electrical components and ensure you get the longest life from your set-up.

Your robust SoftBox sits atop our ultra-compact light-stand, comfortably adjusting between 49.5cm up to 210cm. We didn’t like the long imposing fold down length of other light stands on the market, so we approached a reputable company to build us something better. The result is a light-weight stand that folds down to just 49cm. That’s just 10cm longer than a Macbook Pro…

On top of this, we wanted to give you more. We know that you may go beyond shooting just your auditions and so we ensured that your light stand can now be easily unscrewed and transformed into a boom pole for sound when shooting a small film-project with your friends.

Some people suggest that 2 SoftBox lights are needed and if you are fortunate enough to have the time and space for a permanent home set up, go for it!

Here at AK we’re about Self-Taped auditions. We’ve built our brand to maximise your benefits and equip you with only the essentials to deliver high quality tapes.

We’ve done our research (more of which can be read about soon on the Aktorskit Blog) because we don’t want you wasting your time and money buying stuff that you don’t really need.

The way we see it a single light source is a necessity and double set-up is a cumbersome luxury. If you’re shooting your Vogue cover in your bedroom this probably isn’t the set-up for you. But if you’re shooting a tape in a darker room or looking to boost that natural daylight glow (55000K) on your skin – then this single kit is the perfect source to consider.

Quick set-up time, compact pack-down size and re-enforced design. This is the ideal light-source for those mainly shooting at home, after a nice even glow.

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Dimensions (W x L) 50 x 70 cm
Material Nylon – Aluminium – Ceramic – Metallic Lining
Cable Length 2.5 m



Output Watts 135 W
Energy Saving Yes
Colour Temp 5500 K
Volts 220 V
Mount E27
Plug Type Type I Australian



Weight 1.05 kg
Max Height 2.1 m
Min Height 49.5 cm
Folded Length 49 cm
Material Aluminium-Alloy
Load Capacity 3 kg
Extensions 5
Locking Mechanism Flip Lock
CONTENTS 1 x 50x70cm Rectangular Soft Box with E27 Mount 1 x White Diffuser 1 x 135W 5500k Studio Daylight Bulb 1 x 210 cm Ultra Compact Light Stand


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    We just hooked up Margaux from Rose Bay with a New Kit!
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    The Ewa - Khaki
    The Ewa - Khaki
    We just hooked up Nick from Naremburn with a New Kit!
    The Ewa - Khaki
    The Kcey - Black
    We just hooked up Stefanie from Ryde with a New Kit!
    The Kcey - Black